1920s Research

1920sI’m in the middle of editing my dystopian noir novel, Signs and Shadows, at the moment. But I’m also planning my next longer work. My plan is for a novel set in a version of 1920s Britain where magic exists.

In order to get myself in the mood, I’ve ordered a few relevant novels from around that period, as well as digging out others from my book shelves. Today, three new novels arrived (pictured in front). I want to read novels that feature portrayals of sexuality at the time. As it is an alternate version of reality, I can decide how much of this to include. As is usual for my work, many of the characters will be queer, so hopefully Maurice and The Well of Loneliness will be helpful. Brideshead Revisited is already a big inspiration for this project. There’s nothing more exciting than having a new pile of books to dive into. Now, about that editing….


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