Vampire Promo

loveiscrowtreeI’ve got the sequel to my gothic novella, Love is the Cure, coming out later this year. It’s going to be called Gods and Insects. I’m really excited about how the sequel is shaping up — it’s over twice as long as the first one, there’s plenty of angst, new characters, including a trans guy, and you get to follow Asher’s story on from the first book. Rather than jump around points of view like the first one, the whole book is from Asher’s point of view.

If you haven’t had a chance to read the first one yet, I’m running a free promotion for the ebook version on Amazon over the next couple of days (Wednesday and Thursday). It’s a quick read, but one you should enjoy. Other readers have compared it to Anne Rice, so if you like that kind of vampire book, you might enjoy this one. There’s a little teaser for the sequel in the back.

Honest reviews welcome. Reviews are really the lifeblood for indie authors, and are always appreciated.

You can read an extract here: Love is the Cure: Extract

And you can get it here: UK , US


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