Memory Box Collection Free


I’ve just released a small collection of seven of my short stories and flash fiction. Some have been published before in other places, some are completely new. There’s a mixture of magic realism, literary, sci-fi and modern fairy stories. You can get a copy on Amazon or click here for a free copy if you sign up to my newsletter in November. (I promise not to spam you, but I will tell you about my upcoming vampire sequel.) Blurb below.



Seven stories of magic and meaning, love and loss.

A daughter discovers a wonderful product of her mother’s artistry after her death. An employee realises how far his company’s sinister connections reach when he has an unfortunate accident with his soul. A depressed entrepreneur discovers authentic emotion on tap through a faulty piece of tech. A museum artefact comes to life to serve the cause of true love. A broken-hearted young man gets a winter treat from Jack Frost. A boy gets more than he wants when he captures an illegal alien with psychotropic powers. A young woman tries to make a connection with the unborn child she will lose.

Ambrose Hall is a speculative and literary fiction writer from the UK. This is a collection of some of his short stories and flash fiction.


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