Mr Volpone is a blog by Ambrose Hall, a writer of weird, queer and Gothic fiction and poetry, an editor and bookshop minion. Ambrose has degrees in English and Media and in Philosophy.

Ambrose originally comes from Bradford, in West Yorkshire, where he was infected with Gothic decay and went mad on a moor. He now lives in Hertfordshire with his family, where he is bracing himself to be devoured by the cannibal death-spider, London.

Ambrose loves books and queer representation and one of the main things he does with this blog is share thoughts on queer fiction he’s enjoyed, both old and new. You can find his reviews in the Review Index. He also likes all things horror and Gothic and sometimes blogs about those things too, from literature to board games. This content is indexed on the Horror/Gothic page.

Other places: Twitter, Medium, Goodreads

You can look in the My Writing section for information on stories published here and elsewhere.

Mr Volpone likes playing with: foxes, tricksters, rambling existential odysseys, cyborg nuns, moors, post-industrial landscapes, urban decay, time, memory, ambiguity, gender confusion, identity, meaning and the places in-between.

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