My Writing

In Magazines:

Upcoming: ‘Cadaverous’ poem, blood orange tarot, May 2020.

‘Doll Parts’ flash fiction, Infernal Ink Magazine, Fall/Winter Edition, 1st October 2018.

‘Early Learning’ flash fiction, THE FEM Magazine, 22nd June 2016. (As Ambrose Hall).

‘The Dream of an Octopus and Aubergine Netsuke’ flash fiction, in A cappella Zoo Issue 15, Autumn/Fall 2015, out on 23rd September 2015 (As A. Hall). You can read an electronic version here.

‘Memory Box’ flash fiction, in Crannog Magazine 39, out on 26th June 2015 (As A. Hall)

On Podcasts:

‘An Old Wish’ on Does This Happen to You, read by Kris Keppeler, 18th February 2018.

On Medium:

I regularly share my shorter work on Medium. Follow me there for short stories and flash fiction:

On Amazon:

Gods and Insects – gothic novella – City of Ash #2

gods-and-insects-cover-9by6-thumbnailReleased by his violent creator, young vampire Asher hoped to forge an independent life in London. His reality is a shared room and the coffee shop nightshift. Worse still, his inability to master his vampiric abilities leads to bloodshed when he hunts. Lonely and miserable, he stumbles into the arms of much older vampires willing to feed and pamper him. This new alliance seems like a solution to his problems, but their life of luxury comes at a high price.

Gods and Insects is a gothic tragedy about identity and monsters; the second novella in the City of Ash series, sequel to Love is the Cure.

Amazon UK, Amazon US

Love is the Cure – gothic novella – City of Ash #1

loveisthecure smallThere’s a knack to eternity. Not everyone has it.

Kerrick’s come a long way from the gutters of Victorian Spitalfields, but he’s still rash, violent, and a demon with a knife. He’s also desperately alone. When he turns Asher, a young homeless man, he thinks he’s found a companion, but their relationship quickly turns sour, and Asher refuses to feed. Through his desperate attempts to save his new child, Kerrick attracts the attention of an ancient vampire who dwells beneath Highgate Cemetery, and he is drawn into an old feud that spans centuries.

A gothic novella told in fragments, from the points of view of five very different vampires.

Amazon UK , Amazon US


On Here:

Emotion Labours – gothic horror humour flash (2017).

Fraternising – science fiction flash (2016).

Frost – modern fairy story (2016).

Appearances – fantasy short story (2015).

Echoes  – cyberpunk flash fiction (2014).

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